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In the fall of 2005, vocalist Emil Gammeltoft planted the seed that would become Some Kind of Rubus. By that time, he’d been in a number of different hard rock acts, including Nerved, who released their ultra heavy album “Offline” in 2004. After touring with legendary rockers Nazareth, Emil’s all time favorite band, and contributing vocals on original Naz guitarist Manny Charlton’s album “Sharp Reloaded”, Emil seized the opportunity while in Manny’s studio in Texas, to bounce some ideas around that he’d been nurturing for quite some time. This collaboration resulted in the song “Haunted”, which encouraged Emil to go in a new direction; maybe he wasn’t this angry hard rock guy anymore, but rather a quite happy folk rock singer. With an edge, of course!

Rubus is the Latin name for a number of flowering plants in the rose family. Raspberries and blackberries are among these. Moreover, the Arctic raspberry (Rubus arcticus) is a symbol for the province in the north of Sweden where Emil was born. As a boy growing up, Emil would see this Rubus Arcticus on the back of milk cartons every day. So, with the intention of “going back to the roots”, the name Rubus popped up in his head – Some Kind of Rubus was born.

A happy camper. Going back to his roots. With tons of melodies. Joy. Passion for music. And a whole lot of determination.

Petter Axelsson was the first to join Emil in his quest to turn all of these ideas into actual songs. A seasoned pro – Petter had toured Robert Wells “Rhapsody in Rock” several times, as well as making contributions to albums from artists as wide ranging as The Ark and Therion.

Örjan Johansson, a guitarist trained in the States, soon followed. Emil and Örjan had collaborated on and off on a number of projects over the years.

Together they recorded a few demos, and it did not take long for these first few songs to stir up attention. “Hippo” quickly became a favorite on several Swedish music sites and people started to take notice.

DrummerRobert Iversen, formerly with progressive rockers Cross, helped out recording the drum tracks for “My Balloon” and decided pretty quickly that this would be his home.

The last piece of the puzzle was Anders Thorgren, whose punk rock background, solid bass playing and even more solid attitude was the perfect fit for the band.

MicrophoneMotherHippo EP” was released in 2008 and genereted rave reviews, more attention on music sites and even some solid airplay on Scottish radio.

2009 was spent playing gigs all over Sweden, gelling and becoming a solid live act, and finding out that the unique mix of folk, pop, rock and punk was really striking a nerve with the crowds.

The band released their second EP – C C C P E P in 2010 and the four songs got huge impact on several radio stations both in Sweden (where Chop Song reached No 1 on the Swedish Local Radio Station Top List Chart) as well as outside the country. Some rave reviews followed from media, interestingly a lot of them from Germany.  A great amount of touring on that with great gigs at places like Folk & Rock Festival in Sweden two years in a row, Eskilstuna Å-festen and other events have made the band a strong unit.

“Smörgåsbord” was released on iTunes, Spotify etc in September 2013.

After musical differences, Anders and Emil decided to go in another more energy-filled direction and have found Mats Håxell on drums and Simon Boholm on guitars, which forms the new line-up of Some Kind of Rubus. Lots of new songs is now being recorded and first sign of the “new” Some Kind of Rubus is the song “Seagull” that is now released on youtube to start with. The band intends to finish the new album and release the new-born baby and band in the spring of 2015 with hopefully many gigs to follow.

Stockholm Rover Productions are Proud to welcome the new Some Kind of Rubus to the real world. We hope you will like them!

“How modern folk rock should sound like today”
Breakout Magazine (Germany)

“Brandneue – und brandheisse”
Bright Eyes Magazine (Germany)

Zero Magazine

“Love at first listening”
Metal Covenant, Sweden

“Genuint originella, väldigt medryckande”
Sweden Rock Magazine

“Crazy and fun”
Graeme Scott, Leith FM Radio, Scotland

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