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SKoR: from left to right: Anders Thorgren, bass, Örjan Johansson, guitars, Emil Gammeltoft, lead vocals, Robert Iversen, drums, Petter Axelsson, electric fiddle. (pic: Kira Appelt)

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Some Kind Of Rubus


Hard Rock

 The Stockholm Quintet around former „Nerved“ vocalist Emil Gammeltoft is indulging in some kind of unconventional hard rock here. The punk(y) folk rock tune „Chop Song“ is, not only due to it’s violin arrangement(s) and humpa-pa vibes, close to Korpiklaani. „100 Pints“ even has an Irish-Celtic flair. Because of the ever-present violin (Petter Axelsson), the other two songs of this four-tracker (14:15min) are also residing in a folk-rock(y) sphere, but are showing some singer/songwriter affinity as well, like on the last track „Pick Me Up“. Like already mentioned, over all pretty unconventional, but atmospherically and thrillingly presented.


 Andreas Schöwe / Metal Hammer April 2011 

Squealer-Rocks.de CD-Review


Some Kind Of Rubus – CCCPEP

Genre: Folk Rock

Review Date: 10.03.2011
Editor: maddin
Release: already released
Label: Eigenproduktion
Now that’s what I call a pleasant surprise: Looking at the cover of this ultra-short EP (approx. 14 minutes) makes me think about Prog, or at best, about Alternative Depri (depressive) music. But then, a glance at the song titles, leads me slowly into the right direction, which is, the straight way to the bar(s). What highly intellectual Proggies would call their opus(es) “100 Pints”?!? It rather would be “100 Wines”. And my drunkard instinct proves me right!! Old Swede, these four songs even surpass the divine Hooters, and, to top it all, these guys are coming fromSweden.

Some Kind Of Rubus are roaming around stages and bars in Sweden since 2005, and they do this with immense success. They describe their style as “edgy Swedish folk rock”, whatever this may really mean. Swedish folk is known by bands like „Ritual“ or „Kaipa“. Personally I don’t give a damn if these guys  sound more like the drunkards from way up north, or maybe more like malt distillers from Scotland (where the Band is actually played on the radio). This affects me about as much as rising beer prices (if they do, I’ll just compensate by eating less).

After (hearing) the „Chop Song“, which actually  evolved into one of the most liked summer radio hits in 2010 in Sweden, I don’t give a damn about anything anyway. Compared to it, “Satellite” by the Hooters is nothing more than astro-garbage. An extremely fine melody, a chorus to just roar along, a fiddle, an accordion and a singer which, in his finest moments, resembles the divine Ian Anderson and is singing in such an overdone British way that even Pils from Essen becomes Guinness. And then IT comes, The Song that should be part of every country’s constitution: “100 Pints”!! An E-Lute, accompanied by the fiddle (again), introduces THE hymn. Who cares that this sluggish boozer song is actually copied to a good third from Nazareth’s “Demon Alcohol”?!? For my part, I will try now to break the record (take more than 100 Pints). Who joins in?!?

Most likely everyone realize the class of this band. Because: Boozing on a higher level is twice the fun. The relaxed „Come Along“ meets – again – Hooters / Runrig standards and impresses with high class details. This other side of these Vikings proofs that they’re not only good at drinking songs, but also can dig deeper, like in the epic / balladic bouncer „Pick Me Up“. The already mentioned credentials apply here as well, but this mature composition also allows comparison to Jethro Tull without any exaggeration.

I have no clue, if this EP is actually on sale or if it was just made for promotional purposes. On Amazon you can download each track for 77 (Euro) Cents. On the band’s My Space site you’ll get it for free anyway. Therefore I cannot give a “buy recommendation” but I can tell you this: Open a bottle of beer and listen to it. And support these brothers wherever and whenever you can. Also very nice and noteworthy the appendix: „Played by real people“. Any questions left?!?

Raise Your Glasses!
(By the way – Mr. Chief Editor: I’m really to drunk now to do the Discography)

1. Chop song
2. 100 Pints
3. Come Along
4. Pick Me Up

Line Up:
Emil Gammeltoft – Lead & Backing Vocals
Petter Axelsson – Acoustic & Electric Violin, Mandolin & Backing Vocals
Robert Iversen – Drums & Percussion
Örjan Johansson – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anders Thorgren – Bass & Backing Vocals


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 Sway-Hymns with great Pub-Feel!

 After a first glance at the frontcover of SOME KIND OF RUBUS’s new EP you would have expected eyerything but definitely no punchy folk rock which should turn each and every, no matter how obscure, bar (location) into a madhouse. Founded in 2005, the vision of the Swedish quintet was quickly internalized. A folk party was to be celebrated, cheery, vibrant and also somehow limitless. Hence it’s not surprising that the four songs from “CCCPEP” are kinda reminiscent of the more quiet DROPKICK MURPHYS tunes – regardless of being strange to each other in many areas. But this cozy atmosphere, this sway effect, all that is found here again. And it’s taking only a few seconds for one to relaxedly join into the sociable swaying (to the music).

 “CCCPEP” brings joy from the first tone, is plain fun and  stays easy-going and cheery, as only the fewest bands can do it nowadays without “forced” ease. SOME KIND OF RUBUS are real, pure and permanently in good mood – there’s no other explanation for such catchy tunes like “100 Pints” and “Come Along”. Too bad the current EP is limited to four tracks or , respectively, 15 minutes of playing time only. You want more, you want to party – and on these grounds you do not want anything else than SOME KIND OF RUBUS at this moment. Please (dear) people, support (invest in) this band so they can “honor” us soon again, or, even better, gig at your Pub on the corner.

 Listen To’s:     100 Pints, Pick Me Up

Rating:                                 9.0 / 10

 German original by Björn Backes, 04.07.2011 Powermetal.de

link:  http://powermetal.de/review/review-Some_Kind_Of_Rubus/C_C_C_P_E_P,18570.html

 Artist                                  Some Kind Of Rubus

Title                                    CCCPEP

 A fully packed Irish Pub. Guiness is flowing steadily from the tap and almost directly down the throats. Total strangers are hugging each other, sway together, bawl and enjoy the melodic folk music sounding from the speakers. No question. We’re definitely inStockholm, the home of SOME KIND OF RUBUS, a Swedish rock band formed around ex-Nerved vocalist Emil Gammeltoft, who are presenting four new songs, sounding more Irish than many of the “classical” Irish folk bands ever did. “Chop Song” is such a catchy tune which should not be missing on any “Best Of Drinking Hits” compilations. And “100 Pints” is outright, immediately reminiscent of the chorus of one PROCLAIMERS career highlight. But instead “I would walk 500 miles” understandably here it is “I could take more than 100 Pints“.FIDDLER’S GREEN, DERVISH, FLOGGING MOLLY, THE DUBLINERS and SOME KIND OF RUBUS. Friends of celtic, Uilleann Pipes and Low Whistles dominated traditional songs, are likely to enjoy CCCPEP very much. The main thing’s it’s folk!!

 German original by Matthias Wüntscher (15-06-2011)


 Some Kind Of Rubus

CCCPEP / 14:16 min


For fans of:

Oysterband, Folk Rock

 7.5 out of 10 stars

 If I did not miscalculate, by now this is the third EP served byStockholmquintet  around former „Nerved“ lead vocalist Emil Gammeltoft. The well known style of its two predecessors was maintained and refined, with the focus being shifted a bit more towards Folk in 2011 though. Needless to say that the almost omnipresent fiddle of Petter Axelsson is putting the band into the Folk corner – the mood of such melancholic tracks like „100 Pints“ could make you think these guys are from Ireland. Besides heavy-hearted, reflective tracks like the hymn „Pick Me Up“, Some Kind Of Rubus is offering cheerful Power-Pop / Punk-Folk-Rock tracks like the „Chop Song“ as well. But, after getting used to Emil’s nasal voice, you wouldn’t want it any other way at all.

On the “IKEA band’s” credit side:

There are no other bands you can associate these guys with – and this means a lot nowadays.

Because “Come Along” is not as compelling, there’s “only” 7.5 stars for an (also live) smashing band to be definitely heard about in the future.

Contact: www.somekindofrubus.com

 Oliver Vollmer

 Rock It Magazin 2011


„C C C P E P“Stockholm Rover Productions

For the last five years, the Swedish musicians Emil Gammeltoft (vocals), Petter Axelsson (fiddle), Örjan Johansson(guitar), Anders Thorgren (bass) and Robert Iversen(drums) are playing their very own interpretation of contemporary folk rock, which not only puts you in an excellent mood, but also has the necessary depth. After the release of their “MicrophoneMotherHippo” EP two years ago, the musicians received mainly positive reactions, which gave them good reviews throughout in magazines and also earned them airplay on Radio in Scotland.Now they release their new four-track EP “CCCPEP” which once again offers the full range of their Irish folk rock repertoire. In Sweden, the catchy song “Chop Song” has been played on eleven radio stations and climbed the Swedish National Local Radio Chart  after only a few weeks, even on the pole position. No wonder, because this track spreads a good mood from the first stroke off and invites you to sing along after only one listen. The following “100 pints” fits perfectly with a late-night bar session, although it also offers a more reflective and melancholy character. Petter Axelsson leads the superb set of electronic fiddle sent by the melodies of the songs which highlight the idiosyncratic vocals of Emil Gammeltoft, whose voice you can not deny a certain recognition value. “Come Along” is a happy, catchy, melodic folk rock song, which is unfortunately replaced too soon with the final deep penetrating “Pick Me Up”. The next live concerts of Some Kind of Rubus should show if record labels finally open their eyes to these professional musicians, for this step should be given the musical and compositional class of a band like Some Kind of Rubus. So if you would like to provide yourself with cool played modern Irish folk rock, you should check out the bands website www.somekindofrubus.com or listen to the music on their myspace site. All the Irish pub owners should do this anyway. It’s worth it!

 THOMAS KLANER, Break Out Magazin August September issue 2011

 Some Kind of Rubus


[album, Egenproducerad]

Det egensinniga folkrockbandet Some Kind Of Rubus är efter sin förra ep MicrophoneMotherHippo tillbaka med fyra nya sånger att bli glad av. Störst hitpotential på CCCPEP besitter inledande ”Chop song” med sin logdansrytm och upprepade refräng. Följande ”100 pints” är en tyngre dryckesvisa som får mig att tänka på piratskepp och fyllefester hos Pippi Långstrumps farsa. Kul låt, det också. ”Come along” inleds av Petter Axelssons violin och avslutande ”Pick me up” är skivans längsta, men också vemodigaste komposition. Bandet låter som alltid proffsigt och låtarna har all den skamlösa hitkänsla som årets Melodifestivalsbidrag saknar. Men samtidigt som detta borde ha grym försäljningspotential så finns här innerlighet och ärlighet. Det låter som att Some Kind Of Rubus har kul och gör något de verkligen gillar. Efter samtal med gruppens sångare Emil Gammeltoft vet jag dessutom att det är så. Övriga bandmedlemmar består avRobert Iversenpå trummor och percussion,Örjan Johanssonsom lirar samtliga gitarrer och Anders Thorgren på bas. Bakgrundssång står samtliga utom trummisen för och förutom violin lirar Petter Axelsson även mandolin. Man kan använda Some Kind Of Rubus musik till mycket, men framförallt är den en stämningshöjare och vitamininjektion som alltid drar mungiporna uppåt.

Robert Ryttman

Zero Magazine

Link: http://www.zeromagazine.se

MicrophoneMotherHippo EP

[ep, Stockholm Rover Productions]

Så var det dags att ha kul med Some Kind Of Rubus och deras första EP. Tidigare har bandet spelat in en lovande demo, men här och nu börjar allvaret, även om musiken inte låter särskilt allvarlig. Däremot är den seriös och kommer från hjärtat. Some Kind Of Rubus blandar irländska tongångar med snällare hårdrock, ungefär som Slade gjorde på några hitlåtar under 80-talet. Titeln på plattan är rätt smart, eftersom den består av skivans tre låttitlar ihopfogade, nämligen ”Microphone”, ”Mother” och ”Hippo”. Den förstnämnda är en svängig uptemposak med hitkänsla som målar upp bilden av festande, öldrickande och dansande irländare på puben. I ”Mother” dras tempot ner betänkligt. Irländarna har nyktrat till, mörkret har börjat falla och kriget hotar ute på de vida slätterna. EP:n avslutas med ”Hippo” som i mitt tycke är en given radiohit med sitt sväng, sin klockrena melodi och en refräng som klistrar sig fast i skallen. I det spåret är våra irländare tillbaks på den stojiga puben och partyt fortgår till nästa morgon. Emil Gammeltoft och hans manskap har hittat en nisch som är klart ovanlig och dessutom gjort något eget av den, vilket känns riktigt roligt. En fullängdare med Some Kind Of Rubus skulle kunna bli tokbra, om bara bandet kan fylla den med låtar i stil med dessa. Det är ju inte ofta i detta tidevarv av mörk musik som någon vågar kicka loss och bara ha kul.

Robert Ryttman


MAYDAY – the new single!


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