Emil’s Secret Audition with Nazareth

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After some private recordings and discussions between Nazareth’s Pete Agnew and SKoR vocalist Emil Gammeltoft, Nazareth flew Emil over to Scotland on October the 5:th 2013 to audition for possible replacement as new vocalist in Nazareth. Legendary vocalist Dan McCafferty had to step aside because of health problems and tours were coming up that meant it was urgent to find a new vocalist. Emil’s audition with the band went great and felt really good and a fantastic 24 hours followed in their hometown of Dunfermline and Perth. Approximately 2,5 weeks after Emil’s audition illness happened in the band that meant all was put on hold and all tours were cancelled. It was not before February 2014 auditions with the other singers could start. As it has now become official local vocalist Linton Osborne did get the job, Emil can finally say Thanx to Nazareth for taking him over and the great hospitality and friendship that did happen. Emil would also like to give Linton a big warm Hug and hope to catch up at any upcoming gig backstage for a pint or two.

Emil is currently working hard in the studio with new tracks for Some Kind of Rubus (SKoR) upcoming second album (which will be more raw and punky in style) and another side-project will also be recorded very soon that may be called Rampant. Expect release dates before summer.

On March 1:st 2014 The Fluffy Jackets release “Fighting Demons” where Emil guests on two tracks together with Neil Murray, Manny Charlton, Helge Rognstad and other great musicians. Out on Cargo Records worldwide.

Photo: Thomas Sinclair

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