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Here is the fantastic comments from you who did come back to us regarding our new song and video Seagull. Some really nice words! The whole band thank you all. Don’t forget to spread it and if you still haven’t heard and seen it, here is the link again…and….please keep up telling us what you feel!

-Great track, but the vocal was awesome.
-Great stuff, like and share!
-Good shit!
-Like the more rougher attitude especially in the falsetto-stylish
Nazareth/AC/DC screams Good!
-Good song, there is not many who sounds like you, god damn what a good voice.
-Fantastic video!!!
-I love it…fantastic job.
-Really good!
-Shit what a good song, it’s getting better and better for every listening. -Cool video also.
-Svinballt, fun!!!
-Really good song and cool video.
-Great new song and really weird video, thought I just had some LSD. Good luck with everything.
-Shit this was good! I can send it to our homepage and ask if we can feature it there!
-Cool song, breathes lots of 70:ies but still with a modern touch. Well done.
-Fantastically good! Love it!
-We absolutely love the new Rubus song! Wow wow wow…! What a melody, super great songwriting and the voice is pure Rock n Roll! …brilliant!
-Really good!
-Love the song. That rocks!
-Good video, good song.


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