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Looking back the latest half year it has been an interesting time for Some Kind of Rubus. Dear violinist Petter Axelsson made the choice to leave for working commitments musically as a full-time paid musician. We understand him. Smörgåsbord was released on iTunes, Spotify etc and the musical journey on the platter suited the name of the album, it is really a smorgasbord of different styles and moods. In the discussions that followed and the direction for Some Kind of Rubus future music-wise, Emil and Anders do have a clear picture: more direct songs, punky vibes, great sing-a-long melodies and simply “songs that makes people happy”. Örjan and Robert chose to go another direction so Some Kind of Rubus is now built up again with new hungry and great musicians. The first we want to introduce is drummer Mats “Mally” Håxell, who also contributes with great backing vocals and great ideas. Charlie “Chuck” Waldrup has helped laying down some great guitars for the first new songs and we are now testing guitarists for a stable line-up that will record the follow-up to Smorgasbord. We are five songs in and song-titles thus far is two from last year called “Folkrocker” and “Fudge”, latter recordings include the upcoming single and video “Any Other Day” and “Seagull”. The latest is called “Willie And The Cha Cha”.
The band feels creativity is flowing and that the direction that feels most True to what Some Kind of Rubus is all about is great. We want you to know things feels really Positive and look forward to a great new start of the band!

Thanx a lot to Örjan, Petter and Robert for some productive years! Also a big thanx to Charlie for helping out with some guitars.

See you soon guys! We are back live-wise in a moment also!

Emil and Anders

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